Grantmaking Partner

Grupo de Informaci?n en Reproducci?n Elegida (GIRE)


Mexico City, United States

For 25 years, GIRE has been dedicated to the defense and promotion of women’s reproductive rights in Mexico, within a human rights framework. GIRE utilizes inter-connected organizational strategies to achieve concrete improvements for our priority issues: access to contraception, access to safe and legal abortion, access to assisted reproduction, maternal mortality, obstetric violence and work and family life balance. The four strategies include: legal defense and accompaniment of girls, women and families; applied research; advocacy with key institutions and decision makers; and strategic communication to raise awareness and enhance advocacy and legal strategies. In addition, GIRE’s unique contribution and growing capacities include the incorporation of a reproductive justice perspective to our work. This perspective places reproductive health issues in the larger context of the well-being and health of women, families and communities.