Many congratulations to Lisa Hall, Tides board member and CEO of the Calvert Foundation, for her recognition by Good Business New York as one of the Leading Women in 2012. Lisa was recognized for her work with the Calvert Foundation to help improve the lives of women world-wide, and specifically for her stewardship of WIn WIN: The Women Investing in Women Initiative. Excerpts from the Good Business New York Leading Women press release about the award and Lisa’s work are below.

About the Good Business New York Leading Women 2012 Award

25 Dynamic Women Who Are Changing the World Through Work & Business

The accomplished women listed below inspire us, surprise us, and give us hope that the world can be a better place. Each of these determined women honored this year is working diligently to solve critical social and economic problems.

These courageous women tackle our most challenging modern issues including environmental sustainability, human rights, business trust, equitable capital allocation, social enterprise, women’s economic empowerment, and ethical leadership with indefatigable energy and dedication.

The “Good Business New York™ Leading Women 2012” includes economists, lawyers, thought leaders, journalists, policy makers, activists, investors, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, scientists, quants, and academics. Some are known to us personally at Good-b; others are not. All of these women have been selected for their impact and effectiveness in the world of business and finance.

We live in times of crises. Critical social and economic challenges are more important than ever to address, and even more importantly to resolve. These women are among the champions and change makers who are creating real and positive change. Most of these women are well known in their circles, but none are household names. Some operate behind-the-scenes; others take center stage. Our goal at Good Business New York™ is to celebrate the important work that each of these remarkable women do everyday with committment, personal sacrifice,  passion, purpose, and sheer determination – work that might sometimes go unnoticed by the general population, but is never-the-less shaping the positive changes taking place in business and society.  At Good Business New York™, we honor the triumphs and accomplishments of these 25 Leading Women in the face of real challenges.

After eight months of deliberation and research at Good Business New York™, we have selected 25 amazing women to represent the power that one person has to make a big difference. We believe they deserve even greater recognition for the socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable work they do every day. They serve as role models for women and girls everywhere.

We celebrate these 25 dynamic women who inspire and empower us to create a better world for all. The “Good Business New York™ Leading Women for 2012” offer us hope that a more equitable and sustainable economy is possible, one that serves all levels of society fairly and responsibly and doesn’t leave millions of the world’s inhabitants out. We congratulate and applaud all of them for what they do every day for our communities and our world.

For the full list of Leading Women, click here.

About Lisa Hall

Lisa Hall: Dedicated to Lifting Women Out of Poverty

Lisa Hall serves as president and CEO of the Calvert Foundation, a non-profit wing of the socially responsible mutual fund, Calvert Investments. Under her watch CF launched “WIN WIN: The Women Investing in Women Initiative.” The innovative program provides opportunities to invest in the economic empowerment of women in the U.S. and around the globe. Says Lisa, the initiative provides capital “to women-owned businesses and social services that help support women and improve their financial stability.” Lisa holds an economics degree from UPenn and an MBA from Harvard and claims that investing in women is “smart economics.”  WIN WIN’s goal is to invest $20million in programs that lift women out of poverty.