The State Department announced this afternoon that a decision on the proposed pipeline from Canada to Texas, known as Keystone XL, would be delayed until 2013. Reversing what was once seen as inevitable approval for the project, this is a major victory for those concerned with protecting our environment and combating climate change.

Many Tides clients, donors, and partners were at the forefront of the nationwide effort to combat the Keystone pipeline and they deserve thanks from all of us for their contributions to this victory. Just days ago environmental groups, faith based organizations, and thousands of others joined hands in front of the White House to protest the pipeline project. The images and stories from that day were an authentic representation of sector wide community action. Their impact was felt powerfully here in Washington, DC and reverberated throughout our nation.

As 2012 approaches and Americans begin to pay more attention to political issues, it is heartening to see so many people come together in action around an issue that they care so deeply about. Tides, hand in hand with all of our partners, will look to this example as we seek to energize action and galvanize communities around our issues of common concern.

Photo by Emma Cassidy, uploaded by tarsandsaction; used under Creative Commons license.