California Health Report is a news site covering health and health policy throughout the state, with an emphasis on disadvantaged communities and populations. We’re non-partisan, grant-funded and editorially independent.

The mission of California Health Report is to find and tell stories about Californians who are disproportionately affected by growing income inequality, the uncertainties surrounding access to health care and the effects of generational poverty. Our goal is to ensure these stories aren’t lost amid dwindling newsroom budgets or the general chaos of our tumultuous political moment.

We also produce in-depth narrative pieces, telling the stories of Californians who rarely make the front page of the newspaper or the nightly news. We’ve reported on the people left behind by the Affordable Care Act, including undocumented workers. We’ve covered doctors treating victims of genital mutilation in San Diego and the alarming number of deaths caused by drowning among autistic children.

As the only journalism organization dedicated exclusively to covering health issues in low-income communities,we are a trusted source of information about the state of health and health care across California. Our reporting has been covered by other media including the Los Angeles Times and reprinted in national, statewide and local outlets.