The world’s most precious resource is its children, but much of their potential goes unrealized. War, poverty and ignorance conspire to rob humanity of the gift of each new generation. We can do little to affect the ills of the globe, but in small ways we can dramatically impact the quality of lives in our own neighborhoods by providing access to free health care for those among us who are most in need.

While poor vision is not generally considered a health crisis – no one dies from nearsightedness – the negative effects can be profound. Children who can’t see well find themselves at a distinct disadvantage in a highly visual world. Recent studies both here and in the UK show that untreated childhood vision disorders results in three times the expected rate of incarceration. Clearly the inability to succeed academically can have disastrous results later in life.

The real tragedy is that the remedy for vision problems is so readily available, yet thousands of at risk children go without glasses every year in the Bay Area. Until every child has comprehensive health insurance, CVF is committed to helping those most in need to realize their full potential through free vision services.