The Condom Project (TCP) was established by a group of AIDS educators, activists and artists who are committed to direct action. We work domestically and internationally to de-stigmatize condoms among all people and to increase their use among sexually active individuals. We work to create dialog about why and how to use condoms, and communicate concise, clear, and useful information about their effectiveness.

In order to break down barriers and myths about condom use, The Condom Project works with local organizations and local coordinators who use art, performance, and educational programs to effectively bring its message to infected, affected, and at-risk populations. The Condom Project uses non-traditional approaches to bring the message of condom and protection to thousands of people in six countries in Africa and two countries in Asia, providing accurate and life-saving information about condoms and their effectiveness. TCP crosses religious, cultural, and societal barriers reaching men and women of all ages who belong to cultures which are either socially intolerant of condoms, or confused and poorly educated about their supreme effectiveness to prevent HIV/AIDS by introducing the condom through an art project.