EveryOne Home is Alameda County’s road map for ending homelessness. By emphasizing a coordinated, efficient regional response to a regional problem, it will make the best use of the county’s resources while building capacity to attract funding from federal, state and philanthropic sources. Together, we can and will end homelessness in Alameda County.

EveryOne Home is the result of a unique collaboration among community stakeholders, cities and Alameda County government agencies representing three separate care systems — homeless services, public health services and mental health services — that share overlapping client populations. The collaboration arose from their recognition that stable housing is a critical cornerstone to the health and well-being of homeless and at-risk people, and our communities. Rather than continue on their separate paths toward housing solutions, the agencies creating these plans realized that they serve many people with similar needs — and in many cases, the same individuals — and came together in 2004 to develop one plan with mutual goals and joint effort for implementation.

The collective knowledge, funding and expertise of the collaborative, joined with extensive input and guidance from a wide variety of community-based organizations and service consumers, yielded the Alameda Countywide Homeless and Special Needs Housing Plan, now known as the EveryOne Home plan. The plan is a regional and multifaceted response to address the social and economic issues of homelessness and housing instability that affect communities throughout the county.