The EYElliance is a coalition of multi-sector public, private, and NGO partners, and stakeholders. We collaborate and find solutions to the world’s unmet need for eyeglasses.

The EYElliance works within systems to enable market-based solutions to thrive. We engage governments and encourage support of school-based eye health initiatives. We break down barriers and unite leaders from across sectors behind one common goal: to unlock human potential, one pair of eyeglasses at a time.

More than 2.5 billion people around the world live with impaired but correctable vision problems. Finding innovative approaches to meeting this need changes the outlook for everyone.

Eyeglasses have existed for hundred of years. Today, we have cutting-edge technologies and large scale distribution models that mean better access to eyeglasses for everyone.

That’s why right now is the ideal time for actors from multiple sectors to come together, engage national governments and harness market forces. Together we can solve a problem that slows economic growth, limits the potential of school children, and stands in the way of a more inclusive global marketplace.