Foster America aims to improve the lives of our country’s most vulnerable children, including kids who have been orphaned, abused or neglected. At the heart of the organization is a fellowship program that recruits talented leaders and innovators from targeted sectors, including business, tech, education and public health, and prepares them to leverage their skills to develop new solutions to the biggest challenges faced by the government agencies and nonprofits that serve these kids. The purpose of this fellowship is to spark innovation in the U.S. child welfare system in the short term and to strengthen its pipeline of leaders with diverse skills who have the capacity to transform the system in the long term.

Foster America imagines a different future for child welfare – one in which the nation’s brightest minds and greatest talents devote themselves to transforming life outcomes for children who are orphaned, abused, or neglected. In education – as well as health, immigration, and other underserved fields – highly-selective fellowship programs serve as the entry point for welcoming diverse talent. As fellows, these professionals produce positive results, and more often than not, they continue as long-term leaders in the sector. Foster America seeks to build on the successes of these models for the child welfare sector.