Vision Statement:

We envision a world where women play a full and equal role in decision making processes at every level, where challenges are pro-actively embraced with inclusivity, authenticity and respect; where beauty is defined by the achievement of human potential.

Mission Statement:

Open Square Project believes:
1. Challenges facing women in the human family are to be embraced, not avoided.
2. Continuous learning and a quest for truth are the best first steps to sustainable solutions to the challenges facing women in every culture and country.
3. Women, have a right to share in discussion about and direct the decisions that affect their lives.
4. Power is to be shared, not hoarded or consolidated.
5. The marginalized, especially women and girls, are to share in the exercise of power at all levels.
6. Conflicting interests are managed through open, respectful, and inclusive dialogue.
With these beliefs in mind, the mission of Open Square Project is to nurture an entrepreneurial environment where:
1. The marginalized are empowered to achieve their full human potential, especially women and girls.
2. Commitment to self-awareness is the first step to effective dialogue; respectful listening is the second.
3. Forums are held and networks are established to address the challenges facing women honestly and openly in inclusive dialogue; this leads to next steps toward sustainable solutions.
4. The difficult questions are asked and conflict is managed through compromise and realism.