Open mHealth’s mission is to accelerate the impact and scaling of mHealth. By removing barriers to innovation and collaboration, Open mHealth is catalyzing a community that will enable mHealth to be applied more effectively and efficiently than is currently possible. Shared software and ideas will enable innovators to develop new, better applications and techniques to improve personal and population health.

Three core principles guide our work. These include:

Being Open – Each user has unlimited access to the Open mHealth software architecture, its specifications and what’s being published, as well as the right to choose how they interact with Open mHealth.

Being Iterative – Open mHealth strives for perpetual improvement. Open mHealth’s work and goals are adaptive, promote shared learning, and are responsive to the community.

Being Collaborative – Open mHealth is committed to collaborating with all individuals and organizations within the mHealth ecosystem, as well as enabling meaningful collaboration and cooperation between health innovators and developers.