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Tides' Response to COVID-19

What We’re Doing to Make an Impact


COVID‑19 presents one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever faced. It is upending entire communities and countries, radically altering our way of life and directly impacting the lives of billions. The humbling power of this virus is a reminder that more than ever we need to be prepared — and united — when faced with global crises.

At Tides, we work with those whose lives are most affected, and we operate at scale — supporting different sectors, vulnerable communities, and cultures. As the novel coronavirus continues to touch almost every corner of the planet, we are here to support those on the front lines doing the hard work and uplift our Black, Brown Asian and Indigenous communities who are disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 due to systemic racial inequality »

Below are just a few of the hundreds of collaborative COVID‑19 response projects that have compelled Tides to boldly bring gather all our resources and meet the unprecedented challenges of this moment. To date, we’ve already approved over $135 million in grants to rapidly respond to this pandemic.

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Our Work in Communities

Work That's Happening Now

At-Risk Elders Serve Critical Roles as “Wisdom Keepers” and Caregivers in Native Communities During the Pandemic

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Education in the Time of COVID-19: Responding to the Pandemic's Impact on Schooling

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Mass Incarceration, Systemic Racism, and COVID-19: Black Leaders See Opportunities for Change

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Denise Riggins, senior general manager of two DISH buildings that welcome formerly homeless tenants during COVID-19, is seen wearing a mask that reads,
Going Above and Beyond: Essential Workers Bring Heart to Homelessness During COVID-19

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We Are All Stronger Together: Our Collaborative Philanthropic Responses to COVID-19

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Project N95’s Rapid Rise to Support Frontline Healthcare Workers

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Undocumented Immigrant Communities Hit Hard by COVID-19

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Masks being made from AIDS Memorial Quilt leftover materials
AIDS Memorial Mask Makers Supported by Tides’ COVID-19 Fund

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