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#MomentumMag: Civic Participation
Upcoming Events: #MomentumMixer Storytelling and more!
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#MomentumMag: Civic Participation

The latest issue of Momentum Magazine, focused on civic participation and engagement and the November 2012 election, is now live! Curated by Tides Senior Strategic Advisor Steven Cole-Schwartz, the issue includes articles by Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood Action Fund; Gerry Hudson, SEIU; Scott Nielsen, McKay Foundation; Clarissa Martinez, National Council of La Raza; Biko Baker, League of Young Voters; and Christie George, New Media Ventures. More >


#MomentumMixer: Storytelling

September 13, 6-8PM | Spur | San Francisco, CA
Does your organizing need help telling its story? Join us for an evening of conversation (and connections) with Tiffany Shlain, Julie Parker Benello of Chicken & Egg Pictures, Kate Stayman-London of, and Terrence McNally to explore how organizations can use different creative mediums -from film to art to literature- to tell their stories for the social good. Check out our website and Facebook page and register here.

Webinar | Ultimate Impact: Unifying an Investment Portfolio within a Donor Advised Fund

September 18 11am PST/2pm EDT | Webinar
Please join us at 11 am PST, Tuesday, September 18 for a webinar featuring Tim Freundlich, President, ImpactAssets; Taryn Goodman, Director of Impact Investing, RSF Social Finance; and Melissa Bradley, CEO, Tides. They will be discussing the recently published ImpactAssets Issue Brief #5 entitled 'Ultimate Impact: Unifying an Investment Portfolio within a Donor Advised Fund'. More >

Collaborating for Success: Nonprofit Facilities & Shared Workspace

September 19 | Miller's Court, Baltimore, MD
Does your community need quality workspace for nonprofit organizations? Learn how to develop and manage shared nonprofit facilities to generate positive impact in your community. This interactive full-day training is designed to lead you through the complex processes of creating a mission-enhancing, financially sustainable shared workspace. Why reinvent the wheel? Gain best practices and resources to help you save time and avoid costly mistakes for your real estate project. More >

Webinar: Places! Sustainable Creative Arts Facilities

September 27 11-12am PDT/2-3pm EDT | Webinar
What makes some cultural buildings successful and others not? Learn how to better plan new or expanded arts facilities as we explore evidence-based research, Set in Stone: Building America’s New Generation of Arts Facilities, a recently released and widely cited study by the Cultural Policy Center at the University of Chicago. Hear how a practitioner in cultural facility development, Duncan Webb of Webb Management Services, integrates these learnings with experience in creating lasting creative spaces. Free for Nonprofit Center Network members and Tides projects. More >

Sharing Space, Sharing Success: Innovative Workspaces for Social Good

October 18 | Regent Park Arts & Cultural Centre, Toronto, ON
This interactive full-day gathering is designed to lead Canadian organizations through the nuts and bolts of developing mission-enhancing, collaborative workspace for the social sector. Understand how shared space can positively impact your organization's operations and programs, create better client services, and strengthen your community. Gain best practices and resources to help you save time and avoid costly mistakes for your real estate project. Join us to celebrate and learn from successful shared spaces in Ontario and across the country. More >

GameChangers: Independent Sector Conference

November 11th + 12th | San Francisco, CA
Tides is a partner for the 2012 Independent Sector Conference in San Francisco on November 11 & 12. As a conference partner we can provide special discounts to our community. Use code PMTIDES when you register. We hope you will take this opportunity to experience one of the top professional development and networking events of the year. More >


Ultimate Impact: Unifying an Investment Portfolio within a Donor Advised Fund

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) have grown in use over
recent decades, serving as the core philanthropic vehicle for community and public foundations and, more recently, being offered through commercial investment firms as a philanthropic option for clients. When linked with an
impact investing strategy, the DAF may serve as a unique, focused asset management vehicle for creating a unified portfolio generating financial performance with social and environmental impacts. More >

Total Portfolio Activation: A Framework for Creating Social and Environmental Impact across Asset Classes

Interest in investment that pursues social and environmental
impact has exploded in recent years. Although opportunities
for impact investing have emerged across asset classes,
most impact-investment activity has remained largely
confined to a limited array of private investments, touching
only a small percentage of investor portfolios.

To help fill this gap, this paper introduces a simple
conceptual framework: Total Portfolio Activation. More >


Special Events and Meetings at Thoreau Center, San Francisco

Thoreau Center is a dynamic green nonprofit center located in San Francisco's Presidio Park. Housed in a historic landmark, Thoreau Center is an ideal location to conduct meetings and events, with beautifully landscaped grounds and spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Center includes green design demonstrations, art galleries, an organic café, and unique office space to over 60 nonprofit organizations in twelve buildings.

To inquire about availability, please contact: Bruce DeMartini, Program Coordinator or 415-561-7823 or visit our website.

Office Space Available at Thoreau Center, New York

Thoreau Center is a dynamic green nonprofit center located in downtown Manhattan that is currently offering dyanmic workspace for nonprofits. To inquire about availability, please contact Alice Wagner, Property Manager at or 212-509-1054.

Harvest of Empire: The Untold Story of Latinos in America

A film based on the book "Harvest of Empire" by Juan Gonzalez, presented by Onyx Films, EVS Communications, and Loquito Productions will be opening on September 28 in LA at the Laemmle Theaters and in NY at the Quad Cinema. More >

BALLE Local Economy Fellowship

This is a unique Fellowship, dedicated solely to advancing the local economy movement. BALLE Fellows are at the forefront of rebuilding communities from the ground up through localization and sustainable innovations in food/farming, finance, manufacturing, and creative strategies that enhance the staying power and connectivity of locally owned businesses.

BALLE is now accepting applications for sixteen spots in the 2013-2014 Local Economy Fellowship cohort. This is an incredible opportunity for top innovators to connect to their peers while strengthening their capacity for transformative personal and community change. BALLE Fellows join a learning community of alumni and participate in an intense, close-knit and rigorous 18-month leadership immersion program. Year one strengthens the capacity, funding and infrastructure of the Fellows' organizations, draws out breakthrough trends and models for the wider field, and links Fellows to each other to speed impact. Year two places special emphasis on building deeper connections with businesses and funders back home and across communities.

The deadline for application is October 1, 2012. More >

Chicken & Egg Pictures' Semper Fi: Always Faithful Impacts Military Healthcare Legislation

Chicken & Egg Pictures, a project of the Tides Center, is a nonprofit film fund created to support women documentary filmmakers. Chicken & Egg (C&E) matches strategically timed grants with dynamic mentorship to nurture women filmmakers. Since 2005, C&E has supported over 125 documentaries, many dedicated to human and environmental rights. A key factor in C&E support of these films is to empower grassroots awareness surrounding these topics, and serve as a tool in changing or developing governmental policy.

One such documentary, Semper Fi: Always Faithful, follows the story of retired Master Sergeant Jerry Ensminger as he challenges the US Marine Corps to take responsibility for decades of water contamination on Camp Lejeune, as well as the resulting illnesses and wrongful deaths. Directed by Rachel Libert and Tony Hardmon, Semper Fi: Always Faithful has made a strong impact on audiences throughout the United States and abroad, raising awareness of the water contamination and the resulting cover-up.

The filmmakers worked with members of Congress to screen the film on Capitol Hill to garner support for healthcare legislation for the victims of the Camp Lejeune water contamination. This summer, Congress unanimously passed the Caring For Camp Lejeune Families Act and on August 6th, President Obama signed it into law. Jerry Ensminger and directors Rachel Libert and Tony Hardmon were at the signing—the only time filmmakers have been present in the Oval Office during a bill signing.