Our Vision & Mission

We believe that a just and equitable future can exist only when communities who have been historically denied power have the social, political, and economic power they need to create it. 

To make that a reality, we work in deep partnership with doers and donors to center the leadership of changemakers from these communities, connecting them to services, capacity building, and resources to amplify their impact.

From Tides’ CEO
Janiece Evans-Page

I believe our power is in our continued connection. It is through our partnerships that Tides will continue to center social justice and respond to the voices and needs of under-resourced, under-championed communities. We will build more bridges until we reach the equitable future we all deserve.

What We Value

Our values influence all that we do, from cultivating deep partnerships with movement leaders and helping donors shift resources to advancing the crucial work of justice and equity.

  • Moving Toward Justice and Equity with Everything We Do

    Everything we do at Tides is in service of helping leaders on the ground move us all toward a just and equitable future. We partner with individuals and organizations committed to shifting the social sector toward more equitable norms and practices, and provide equity-focused services ranging from operational support and grantmaking to donor advised funds and more.

  • Creating Partnerships for Transformative Change

    There is no greater force than the collective power of people united for justice. Tides recognizes our privilege and unique position as a vehicle for connecting funders and changemakers, and we strive to leverage this position to shift power to proximate movement leaders.

  • Centering Community Power and Agency

    Communities denied power by systemic injustice hold the knowledge necessary to imagine and realize a just and equitable future. Tides exists to help shift power, money, and resources to help advance their goals. We center their leadership and solutions in all that we do, reinforcing their inherent decision-making power in all that they do.

  • Building Trust Through Accountability and Service

    We take our partners’ trust seriously, and we know it must be earned. We’re committed to building that trust by holding ourselves and others accountable for our actions (past, present, and future); acknowledging and repairing harm; being honest and transparent; and providing the excellent, responsive service our partners need to strengthen their social justice impact.