What We Do

Centering equity and justice in everything we do, Tides collaborates in deep partnership with donors and doers to advance their work through tools like fiscal sponsorship, donor advised funds, collective action funds, expert grantmaking, and strategic advising.

What We Do What We Do
What We Do What We Do

Each of Tides’ offerings is designed to shift resources to communities historically denied power. Funders and changemakers choose Tides because they share this commitment to our mission.

Our Offerings

Through our social justice-focused tools and partnerships, we build connections and move resources to the tenacious leaders fighting for justice on the ground.

For Doers

Tides is privileged to partner with leaders and organizations from communities denied power, providing the comprehensive operational, grantmaking, and capacity-building solutions they need to advance justice.

Explore Solutions
  • Fiscal Sponsorship

    With our fiscal sponsorship options, Tides extends its legal and 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and operational systems to changemakers to fuel their work, whether they’re fundraising for a specific initiative or relying on our full infrastructure to run their organization.

  • Social Change Leader Funds

    Tides Foundation provides social change leaders in need of a fundraising vehicle for their work with the infrastructure to receive and grant funds, a designated advisor, and access to a variety of fund options.

For Doers Fiscal Sponsorship
For Doers Fiscal Sponsorship

For Donors

Through Tides Foundation, we work with our partners to ignite systems change philanthropy that moves money, resources, and power to communities historically denied power. 

Explore Philanthropy
  • Donor Advised Funds

    Through our time-tested philanthropic expertise and connections to communities leading on critical issues, we help donors channel their funds into mission-aligned organizations and movements.

  • Collective Action Funds

    Collective action funds allow multiple stakeholders to support a common cause, with flexible giving options that include grants to 501(c)(4)s, lobbying, and international grantmaking.

  • Social Change Leader Funds

    These funds provide changemakers with a variety of fundraising and grantmaking tools, backed by Tides experts, that they can use to fuel just causes. 

  • Impact Investing

    Tides brings decades of experience working in social justice to customize portfolios that blend investors’ goals with their passion for social change funding.

  • Strategic Advising

    We help design and deliver nonprofit and philanthropic strategies and initiatives that support our partners in advancing sustainable, justice-centered solutions.

Why Tides

Tides is a partner in the journey toward justice, cultivating transformational relationships that lead to lasting change.


A deep commitment to equity is embedded in all we do at Tides. Together with our partners, we’re singularly focused on shifting power to leaders from communities denied power to advance high-impact social justice work.


Tides drives change through partnership. We help funders move money faster and support changemakers with insight, guidance, and solutions that deepen their impact.


Partnering with Tides is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Our Tides team has the expertise to transform your mission into a path to impact, whether that’s through grantmaking, fiscal sponsorship, or capacity building services.


We take our partners’ trust seriously, and know it must be earned. We bring nearly 50 years of systems change philanthropy and nonprofit expertise to our partnerships, along with an unwavering commitment to honesty, transparency, responsiveness, and excellence. 

Our Impact

We’ve amplified the impact of proximate leaders across the US and beyond with millions of dollars in funding. And we’re just getting started.

7,100+ grants awarded in 2022
$815M in funding awarded in 2022
4,900+ grantees in 2022
A large multiracial group of people standing together from Florida Rising, some people are raising their fists into the air.
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Interested in Partnering with Us? Interested in Partnering with Us? Interested in Partnering with Us?
Interested in Partnering with Us? Interested in Partnering with Us? Interested in Partnering with Us?

Interested in Partnering with Tides?

There’s no greater force than the collective power of people united for justice. Join us to fuel lasting change.

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