Healthy Democracy Fund

The Healthy Democracy Fund is a Tides Foundation grantmaking initiative that is committed to building a more inclusive democracy by shifting power to leaders and communities who have been historically excluded from participating in our nation’s future. 

Power a More Inclusive Democracy

When we all have a say in our future, communities are more stable, families are healthier, and individuals can thrive. That’s why Healthy Democracy Fund is more than a pooled fund — it’s a partnership between donors, program strategists, and movement leaders working to break down the many barriers inherent in the US political system. 

Help Defend Voting Rights

Tides centers the leadership of historically excluded communities to fight voter suppression, increase voter turnout, and foster political engagement to create a healthy and inclusive democracy.

Our Impact

Here’s how we’ve helped protect voting rights across the country since the fund launched in September 2019.  

481 Grants
$48.6M Granted
210 Grantee organizations
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Funding Priorities

For generations, discriminatory electoral policies and practices have unfairly silenced the voices of underrepresented communities. Tides’ Healthy Democracy Fund is focused on affirming and amplifying their political power. 

  • Voter Engagement, Registration, and Turnout

    The Healthy Democracy Fund team at Tides powers community-informed, multi-issue organizing and advocacy to help our grantees educate voters, lead nonpartisan voter registration drives, increase voter turnout, and reach across language and cultural barriers to inspire voters of all backgrounds. 

  • Advancing and Protecting Voting Rights

    The United States has a long and dark history of voter suppression, particularly in communities of color. Tides’ Healthy Democracy Fund supports grantees who push back against voter suppression measures and encourage communities who have historically been denied power to exercise their voting rights in future elections.

  • Fighting Disinformation

    Rampant disinformation threatens voting rights across the US. The Healthy Democracy Fund team partners with community-based organizations and advocates to provide accurate messaging on key issues while holding politicians and media companies accountable. 

  • Emerging Threats

    Threats to democracy evolve quickly. Tides’ Healthy Democracy Fund team works closely with local community leaders to respond rapidly to emerging threats, like lawmakers’ attempts to stifle protests following the murder of George Floyd. We partner with social change leaders to support new efforts by underserved communities to make durable change.

  • Assure Fair Redistricting

    Racial gerrymandering — the drawing of voting districts to dilute the power of people of color — is a decades-old practice that continues to undermine political influence. In response, the Healthy Democracy Fund is supporting community-based groups led by people of color as they fight for fair political maps and equal representation.

Grantee Stories

Rural Arizona Engagement (RAZE) advances civic education and engagement in Arizona’s most rural communities. As communities lose poll locations, struggle to recruit poll workers, and face rampant political polarization, rural Arizonans find themselves underrepresented in the state’s democratic process. RAZE’s work has contributed to higher statewide voter turnout, and the organization continues to make way for broader voter participation in every election cycle.

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