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Social purpose real estate is focused on spaces that serve the common good. From a social justice angle, real estate is an effective tool for shifting power.

Why is this so important? Black and brown communities have been systematically excluded from owning both commercial and residential real estate for hundreds of years. Community-operated, needs-serving spaces create assets that build power and financial strength within marginalized communities, contributing to racial, social, and economic justice.

How Tides is Helping

Tides’ social-purpose real estate division works across the country to use real estate investment—of both money and other resources—as a tool to encourage vibrant, healthy communities.

We invest in shared spaces for nonprofits to help build a solid foundation beneath the nonprofit sector, and we help donors and corporations build real estate into their philanthropic portfolios.

Providing Nonprofit Space: Tides Converge

Tides Converge are bi-coastal shared nonprofit workspaces that have operated for 25+ years to support mission-driven organizations in San Francisco and New York.

Along with providing space to those who need it most, we also host educational and impactful events, create connections and collaborations, and foster a long-term legacy of affordability and impact.

By providing below-market, stable, high-quality collaborative workspace for nonprofits and mission-aligned social ventures, Tides real estate program uses physical space to cultivate community and build equity.

Find Out About Office Space At Tides

  • Tides Converge San Francisco

    In 1996, Tides opened up 150,000 square feet of office space to more than 60 mission-driven organizations with a green renovation of historic Letterman Hospital in Presidio National Park. To date, our affordable, sustainable, shared space has saved Bay Area nonprofits and social enterprises more than $13 million in rent while providing them an iconic view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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  • Tides Converge New York

    In 2007, Tides began offering affordable office space in an energy-efficient, LEED-certified building in Manhattan. Today, more than 10 nonprofits work there, enjoying stable rent, a transit-oriented location, and the unmatched benefit of working side by side with like-minded, innovative peers.

Helping Corporate Partners Create Community Spaces

Ready to create your own empowering, community-oriented space?

Tides can guide you through developing a space that will provide nonprofit organizations the ability to host events, deliver programs, or work with the community—either on a temporary or permanent basis.

This method of philanthropy is powerful because it:

  • Acknowledges the neighborhood impact of new development and the presence of corporate offices on local nonprofits and the communities they serve
  • Creates a physical space where relationship-building between employees and the community can occur
  • Operates through a strong equity lens
  • Integrates logistics into your existing company infrastructure
  • Is responsive to the particular needs of local nonprofits

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Nonprofit Centers Network, a Tides Initiative

Since 2010, the Nonprofit Centers Network has been providing expertise the experience, knowledge, and networks to help nonprofits and foundations create and operate successful nonprofit facilities projects.

How to Give a Gift of Real Estate

Tides welcomes gifts of real estate. These gifts help broaden the donor’s philanthropic planning, support Tides, and bolster the broader social justice movement.

There are a variety of arrangements under which donors can use real estate to support Tides:

  • An outright gift of real estate, whether to establish or fund an existing Fund or support Tides directly
  • A bargain sale
  • A charitable remainder trust
  • A gift of real estate wherein you may be able to retain certain interests

Tides must approve the acceptance of all real estate gifts, pursuant to the Tides Gift Acceptance Policy. Please review your plans with your tax and legal advisors before donating, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with concerns or questions as you make your plans.

Real estate gifts require more planning than gifts of cash or marketable securities. If Tides decides to accept a gift of real estate, donors should be aware that the transfer of donated property may require several months to complete.

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