Through Tides Foundation, we partner with mission-aligned funders to shift resources and power to proximate leaders working to advance social justice.

Social Justice Philanthropy Social Justice Philanthropy Tides Philanthropy
Social Justice Philanthropy Social Justice Philanthropy Tides Philanthropy

What is Social Justice Philanthropy?

Similar to community philanthropy, social justice philanthropy recognizes that best solutions come from the places and people most impacted by the issue. Traditional philanthropy can be overly prescriptive and top down, and not taking into account the needs and expertise of proximate leaders and communities. Social justice philanthropy intentionally affirms the power of those leading the charge for social justice.

Tides’ philanthropy practices are built on close partnerships with community leaders and funders, directing power, money, and resources to local organizations the forefront of climate justice, racial equity, reproductive freedom, democracy, and more.

Our Philanthropic Tools

Our partners’ wide range of funds and initiatives actively support changemakers in the fight for a more just world.

  • Donor Advised Funds

    Donor Advised Funds

    For partners who share our commitment funding leaders and communities historically denied power, our donor advised funds are an efficient and high-impact way to fuel meaningful social justice work.

  • Collective Action Funds

    Collective Action Funds

    A solution originated at Tides, these funds allow multiple people or organizations to pool their resources for a common cause and to work together to recommend grants.

  • Social Change Leader Funds

    Social Change Leader Funds

    Social change leader funds are grantmaking solutions through Tides Foundation that community leaders can use to raise funds and direct dollars toward their social justice work.

  • Strategic Advising

    Strategic Advising & Consulting

    For donors with the passion and vision to go beyond standard grantmaking, our advisors are here to help strategize and implement bold, equity-centered giving initiatives to maximize impact.

  • Grantees in 2022

    Tides Initiatives

    Pool resources with like-minded donors to support community-based organizations working to solve the most urgent issues of our time.

  • Impact Investing

    Impact Investing

    Tides leverages decades of experience in social justice to build personalized, values-aligned investment portfolios to align with our partners’ investments with the positive social change they seek.

Get Off Your Assets

Get Off Your Assets What We Do
Get Off Your Assets What We Do

Solving the critical issues of our time demands urgent action at a scale. Philanthropy writ large, especially private foundations and donor advised funds, leaves too many assets on the sidelines. That’s why we see Tides’ philanthropy not as a write-off, but as a tool to fuel movements at scale. We embolden and inspire our activist donors to award 20 to 30 percent of their funds every year to equip leaders in the field working toward change.

Learn More About Get Off Your Assets

Why Tides

We combine our partners’ resources with our diverse giving tools, issue area expertise, and expansive network to create a mighty force for justice.


Our advisors and legal teams bring a profound commitment to equity and deep philanthropic knowledge to our partnerships, so our donors can award more and complex grants than they can elsewhere. Donors use their funds at Tides to support charitable programs at 501(c)(4)s, international organizations, and so much more.


We take our partners’ trust seriously, and know it must be earned. Our nearly 50-year track record of ethical grantmaking, commitment to operational excellence, and dedicated advisors with deep social sector experience all enable us to steward donor resources carefully.


Tides leans on our vast network to pinpoint the social justice leaders and movements that need our investment the most, helping our donors fund high-impact work they may not have known about otherwise. Our donors also have opportunities to forge new connections with other funders and social change leaders who share their vision and passion for justice.    

Trust-Based Philanthropy

Tides helps our funders practice trust-based philanthropy, so they can feel confident they’re powering community-led solutions rooted in justice while centering equity. Leverage our diverse fund types and tap our advisors’ expertise to build bigger and more impactful philanthropic initiatives.

Interested in Partnering with Us? Interested in Partnering with Us? Interested in Partnering with Us?
Interested in Partnering with Us? Interested in Partnering with Us? Interested in Partnering with Us?

Interested in Partnering with Tides?

There’s no greater force than the collective power of people united for justice. Join us to fuel lasting change.

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