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Partnering with Tides is different from working with other fiscal sponsors and philanthropic advisors. It’s a commitment to advance social justice with everything you do.

Interested in Partnering with Us?
Interested in Partnering with Us?

Our Impact

Together with our partners, we’re shifting power to communities who have historically been denied it.

$1.3B In Managed Assets
In Managed Assets
140+ Active Fiscally Sponsored Partners
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4,900+ Grantees in 2022
Grantees in 2022

Ready to Partner with Tides?

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Tides is the right partner for individuals and organizations that are aligned with the Tides mission to shift power to leaders who are from communities denied power, and are interested in: 

  • Philanthropy and able to contribute at least $100,000 for US-based activity or $50,000 for funds supporting a single domestic project or organization.–OR–
  • Fiscal sponsorship to provide operational and compliance support for their social change work, and are working to address the issues faced by communities historically denied power. View our complete fiscal sponsorship eligibility requirements here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read up on common questions and our answers to them.


There are two major eligibility requirements to open a fund at Tides: mission alignment and confirmed funding.

Mission Alignment
All funds and their grantmaking purposes must be aligned with Tides vision, mission and approach.

Confirmed Funding
You must have a minimum of $100,000 of committed funding for US-based activity or $50,000 for funds supporting a single domestic project or organization.

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STEP 1: Determine if project meets eligibility criteria, including mission alignment, confirmed funding and appropriate legal framework.

STEP 2: Begin the process by completing the Partner With Us form on our website.

STEP 3: Have an initial call with Tides staff to discuss your mission, program activities, needs, and timeline.

STEP 4: Tides staff invite those eligible candidates who fit our current criteria to submit an application and select which cycle to be part of. Application is by invitation only and projects are onboarded in four periods annually.

STEP 5: If application is approved by Tides staff, project is onboarded and is active once initial funding is received by Tides.

Learn more about our fiscal sponsorship process

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When evaluating a potential partner, Tides will consider mission alignment, confirmed funding and budget, and Legal fit. We encourage potential partners to evaluate Tides as well.

Mission Alignment
All projects fiscally sponsored by Tides must be aligned with Tides' vision, mission and approach.

Confirmed Funding and Budget
Tides is committed to partnering with projects of all sizes and has a history of supporting small organizations. To balance capacity and opportunity Tides annually revises a target mix of potential projects based on annual budget. You will need at least one full-time employee who will be employed through Tides. Your organization will typically be charged a 9% fee on all revenues and other fees might apply depending on the source of the grant support or other non-standard services.

Partners should plan to be with Tides for at least two years.

Legal Fit
Tides Center’s Board of Directors has full governing authority, and full legal and fiduciary responsibility, for all fiscally sponsored projects, employees, and activities of Tides Center. To uphold Tides Center’s legal nonprofit status, to ensure all fiscally sponsored projects follow the IRS regulations, and to maintain compliance with the law, Tides Center’s staff monitors and maintains the project’s finances, human resources, payroll, leases, contracts, and insurance.

Tides fiscally sponsored projects must have a US base of operations and cannot employ staff outside of the US and its territories.

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What Are You Interested In?

Learn more about the main tools Tides leverages to shift power to leaders on the ground: fiscal sponsorship and social justice philanthropy.