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Working Families Party PA members tabling.
Working Families Party PA members tabling.

2024 Project Cycle Application Schedule

Applications are open all year long.

Cycle 1

January 18, 2024: Application deadline
February 23, 2024: Application decision
March 29, 2024: Start date

Cycle 2

April 15, 2024: Application deadline
May 31, 2024: Application decision
June 28, 2024: Start date

Cycle 3

July 15, 2024: Application deadline
August 30, 2024: Application decision
September 30, 2024: Start date

Cycle 4

October 1, 2024: Application deadline
November 13, 2024: Application decision
December 13, 2024: Start date

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

Fiscal sponsorship is an efficient means of starting new charitable initiatives, delivering public services, and seeding social movements. In a typical fiscal sponsorship relationship, a nonprofit organization confers its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to groups that are engaged in activities that serve the project’s mission, typically for an administrative cost. Donations to the project are directed to the fiscal sponsor and are restricted by the fiscal sponsor to support activities of the social venture. The fiscal sponsor is responsible for assuring the activities of the project fulfill their charitable purpose.

Tides Center is a 501(c)(3) public charity organization that offers fiscal sponsorship to 160+ projects. As a fiscal sponsor, Tides provides fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services to help build the capacity of charitable projects.

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Why Fiscal Sponsorship at Tides?

Tides is the leading fiscal sponsor for social change initiatives in the United States. We have a long history of providing high quality services and support to our community and have sponsored over 1,400 emerging nonprofits. Tides Center is committed to the missions of its projects, and all have a common vision of shared prosperity and social justice.

Becoming a Fiscally Sponsored Project at Tides

Tides Center accepts fiscal sponsorship applications all year long. We review and approve applications four times per year. This allows you to prepare in advance and choose the application window that is best for you.

Phase 1 |  Partnership Assessment and Application Invitation
After you’ve completed Tides’ Partner With Us form, we’ll initiate a phone call to determine fit and alignment with Tides’ Vision, Mission and Approach. If a fit is determined, you’ll be invited to apply for fiscal sponsorship.

Phase 2 | Application Review and Approval
Tides reviews your application and, if needed, we’ll provide feedback. Once feedback has been reconciled, then your application will be approved.

Phase 3 | Onboarding
You’ll complete final steps and begin the onboarding process including signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), receipt of required funding, and meeting service teams — including a dedicated advisor, senior accountant, and HR Manager.

Phase 4 | Orientation
During this final phase, you’ll participate in a series of training sessions with your service team.

What to Expect

Phase 1 |  Partnership Assessment and Application Invitation
A Tides Strategic Partnership (SP) team member will host initial calls with you to gather information about the goals, needs, and activities of your project.

We’ll assess fit and alignment with Tides’ mission, eligibility requirements, and service capacity. We’ll also review general questions regarding fiscal sponsorship as well as address any specific questions you have. If we determine your project is a strong fit for fiscal sponsorship at Tides, your SP contact will invite you to submit an online application.

Phase 2 | Application Review and Approval
Once you complete and submit your application, department leads from Human Resources, Finance, Partner Services, Legal, and Strategic Partnerships will review your application and provide feedback. Our insurance carrier will also be notified of your application to review and assess insurance eligibility and requirements. Once feedback has been reconciled, then applications are approved.

Phase 3 | Onboarding
We finalize the terms of the fiscal sponsorship relationship through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). If you are a transfer client, all transfer agreements must be finalized during this phase. Our HR Manager will reach out to you to begin the hiring process for your team.

Your Strategic Partnerships contact will introduce you to your Tides service team, consisting of an Advisor, Human Resources Manager, and Sr. Project Accountant. These team members will help you with your transition to Tides.

Phase 4 | Orientation
During this final phase, you’ll participate in a series of training sessions with your service team. The trainings will focus on Tides’ policies & processes, our systems, and partnership expectations.

What Does Fiscal Sponsorship Cost?

For the comprehensive suite of acceleration services that Tides provides, including financial management, legal framework, and capacity-building support, projects pay only 9% of their annual revenue.

A well-run independent nonprofit can expect to spend between 20-30% of annual revenue on administrative and overhead expenses. Tides Center administrative costs are in line with other fiscal sponsors practicing similar models of fiscal sponsorship.

After the first year of activity, projects that exceed $1 million in operational activity can qualify for a reduced administrative cost for revenue that exceeds $1 million.

The administrative cost for all funding from government sources is 15%. The administrative cost is higher for this type of funding because government grants entail significantly more auditing and reporting services.

Have More Questions?

Please visit our FAQs. If you still have questions that aren’t answered here or in our FAQs, please contact us.

A Black woman speaks at a reproductive justice event. A protest with BIPOC women holding a large banner.
A Black woman speaks at a reproductive justice event. A protest with BIPOC women holding a large banner.

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