There are three major eligibility requirements to become a project at Tides: mission alignment, confirmed funding and budget, and legal fit.

Mission alignment

All projects fiscally sponsored by Tides must be aligned with Tides Vision, Mission and Approach.

Confirmed funding and budget

To start your social venture at Tides, you must have an expected annual budget of at least $250,000 with confirmed support and formal grant commitments for 100% of your budget for the first year at Tides. You also need at least one full time employee who will be employed through Tides. Your organization will typically be charged a 9% fee on all revenues to support the services that help you scale your impact. Other fees might apply depending on the source of the grant support or other non-standard services.

Your project should plan to be with Tides for at least two years.

Legal fit

Tides Center’s Board of Directors has full governing authority, and full legal and fiduciary responsibility, for all projects, employees, and activities of Tides Center. To uphold Tides Center’s legal nonprofit status, to ensure all projects follow the IRS regulations, and to maintain compliance with the law, Tides Center’s staff monitors and maintains project finances, human resources, payroll, leases, contracts, and insurance.

Projects must have a U.S. base of operations.