Fiscal sponsorship is a practice that has evolved as an effective and efficient means of starting new charitable initiatives, delivering public services, and seeding social movements. In a typical fiscal sponsorship relationship, a nonprofit organization confers its 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to groups that are engaged in activities that serve the host’s mission, typically for a fee. Donations to the project are directed to the fiscal sponsor and are restricted by the fiscal sponsor to support activities of the project, and fiscal sponsor organizations are responsible for assuring the activities of projects fulfill their charitable purpose.

Fiscal sponsor organizations like Tides provide a legal framework for projects, enable the movement of resources from funders and donors to projects, activities, ideas, and organizations that share the fiscal sponsor’s mission, and enable organizations to grow and scale while focusing on their mission.

Fiscal sponsorship can offer a valuable alternative to starting a nonprofit. Organizations fiscally sponsored by Tides Center are able to access our resources and efficiency, our decades of experience, our network of funders and changemakers, and comprehensive services, including human resources, grants management, finance and accounting, legal and compliance, and more. Tides is the leading fiscal sponsor for social change initiatives in the United States. We have a long history of providing high quality services and support to the nonprofit community and have sponsored over 1400 projects throughout our history. Tides Center is committed to the missions of its projects, and all Tides Center projects share a vision of shared prosperity and social justice.