We received a grant restricted to a specific project from Tides that requires a progress and/or final report. What are the reporting requirements?

Organizations outside the US: If your organization received a grant award letter from Tides but did not receive a Mandatory Report Form, email [email protected] to request a reporting template. If your organization is not registered with the United States IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity, your organization likely has received an Expenditure Responsibility grant. If that is the case, your organization must use Tides Foundation’s Mandatory Report Form to detail funds received or spent during a calendar year. The form asks for confirmation of basic grant information, a statement of compliance with the grant award letter, and fiscal information. If you do not spend all of the funds granted during the first year, your organization is required to complete an additional mandatory report form for every year until all of the funds are spent. If your organization has spent all the funds, you must provide a financial statement detailing your use of the Expenditure Responsibility grant monies only. A narrative report must also accompany the final expense report. Please note: Tides will not issue any new grants or disbursements to organizations with outstanding overdue mandatory reports until the report is received. You may additionally be required to submit narrative progress or final reports which may be 2–3 pages detailing the activities undertaken as a result of your grant.

US-based organizations: If your organization is a 501(c)(3), reporting requirements are outlined in your award letter. Unless otherwise noted, for both progress and final reports, the narrative portion should be up to two pages and describe the use of the funds and activities undertaken as a result of the grant by addressing the following: – Impact and Assessment – Challenges – Evaluation and Lessons Learned – Funding and Finances. We also require financial information for the purpose of the grant. Please do not send additional materials unless requested.