Tides provides grantmaking and other support to social change leaders to help build a world of shared prosperity and social justice.

One way we do that is by utilizing a Collective Action Fund or CAF. A CAF is a fund established to receive charitable contributions and make grants in support of Tides Foundation’s charitable purpose.


How does a Tides-sponsored CAF work?

  • First, an independent advisory committee — also known as an IAC — is established, made up of people who have interest and expertise in the issue areas of that particular CAF.
  • The committee reviews grant requests, then makes recommendations to Tides that align with the CAF’s charitable purpose and goals.
  • Tides reviews the recommendations for legal compliance and support of Tides’ mission and values and then makes a final decision on the grant request. 

CAFs can accept charitable contributions from a variety of sources, including individuals, donor advised funds, private foundations and corporations.


Do grants from the CAF support political candidates or campaigns?

No. Tides Foundation is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and CAFs are prohibited from funding partisan political activity. 


Can Tides overrule the recommendation of the Independent Advisory Committee?

CAFs benefit from the input of the independent advisory committee. The intent is to follow its recommendations. However, Tides may reject recommendations that are deemed unlawful or that don’t support Tides’ charitable mission.