Tides Network

The mission of Tides Network is to accelerate the pace of social change, working with innovative partners to solve today’s toughest problems. It sits at the nexus of funders, changemakers, and policy, with an unparalleled view across the social change ecosystem that allows it to take smart risks and drive impact at scale, promoting a world of shared prosperity and social justice.

Operationally, the Network oversees Tides Foundation; The Tides Center; Tides, Inc.; and Tides Two Rivers Fund. Tides Network supports those organizations through executive leadership, staffing resources, financial management, legal and risk compliance, communications, and administrative services.

In 2017, Tides Network’s revenue totaled $471 million. The Network has over $390 million in assets under management and a commitment to a 100% Impact Investment Portfolio.

By crossing boundaries to bring together unlikely partners, the Network ensures that the outcomes of our work is greater than the sum of its parts, operating with a belief that together, we fuel real and lasting change.

Tides Foundation

Tides Foundation works to solve society’s toughest problems in areas such as equality and human rights, sustainable environment, and health and education, pushing boundaries with every dollar and idea to fuel real and lasting change.

Tides Foundation’s main activity is grantmaking. The Foundation also invests funds in social impact opportunities to support charitable activities in line with Tides’ mission. Tides Foundation’s charitable funding is received through grants and donations from a wide variety of sources, including individuals, foundations, and corporations.

In 2017, the Foundation received over 2,000 contributions from 800+ donors, and made $366 million in grants to social change organizations around the world. These contributions were managed across more than 370 Donor Advised and other philanthropic funds with over $300 million in client funds under management for grantmaking and impact investments.

The Tides Center

The Tides Center supports social change leaders and ventures, connecting diverse people, organizations, and communities to create unlikely collaborations and find answers in unexpected places.

This support includes comprehensive fiscal sponsorship and essential infrastructure, management and consulting services including financial, legal, insurance, governance, and human resources for social ventures that promote a world of shared prosperity and social justice. The ventures then have the freedom to focus on their mission, and hit the ground running, driving change faster than they can on their own.

Over the past several decades, the Center has provided these services to more than 1,400 projects. In 2017, Tides Center managed essential support services for 170 social ventures, employing 760 staff, and collectively managing program budgets totaling almost $153 million.

Tides Converge: Tides Inc. and Tides Two Rivers Fund

Tides Converge is a community workspace that fosters a community of social ventures that connect diverse people and organizations, linking sectors and crossing boundaries to promote a world of shared prosperity and social justice. Tides, Inc. and Tides Two Rivers Fund hold and manage Tides Converge collaborative work and event spaces in San Francisco and New York City, respectively.

In 2017, Tides Real Estate housed 450 people across 75 organizations in San Francisco and 10 in New York City, generating $5.5 million in revenue from 200,000ft2 of office space.

Tides Advocacy

Tides Advocacy is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization that is an affiliate of Tides. Tides Advocacy is a team of political, financial, operational, and legal experts deeply committed to advancing social justice. Tides Advocacy supports its grantmaking funds and social ventures navigate the complexities of advocacy, solve financial issues, and answer compliance questions; the team makes connections, bridges gaps, and finds unconventional solutions to build political power and change systems and policies so they work for everyone. Tides Advocacy currently provides infrastructure to 80 grantmaking funds and social ventures, generating $30 million in revenue in 2017.