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The Tides community is made up of thousands of individuals and organizations, including the following:

Tides Projects

Over 230 projects partner with Tides for nonprofit management services. Learn more about our innovative projects, the people and organizations who start them, and fiscal sponsorship.


Become a Tides Project

Momentum Leadership Conference

Tides convenes funders and activists and mines the best new thinking in the progressive community. Momentum helps builds connections between issues and strategies, and harnesses our collective power to build social movements. See the videos and learn more…

The National Network of Fiscal Sponsors promotes the understanding and professional practice of fiscal sponsorship.  While our models and missions differ, the organizations that comprise NNFS share common questions and aspirations to ensure responsible use of the tool of fiscal sponsorship.  Learn more >

Thoreau Centers for Sustainability

Thoreau Centers for SustainabilityOperated by Tides, Thoreau Centers for Sustainability are green nonprofit centers that house more than 80 nonprofit organizations in San Francisco and New York. They serve as models to others interested in similar real-estate endeavors. Learn more >


With our donors and fund advisors, Tides makes thousands of grants both nationally and globally each year. Learn more >