Video: DISH & Tides, Partnering to Solve Society’s Toughest Problems

“DISH stands for Delivering Innovations in Supportive Housing,” says Doug Gary, co-founder and co-director of the longtime Tides social venture. “Everyday we provide permanent housing to San Franciscans who suffer with pretty critical mental health, substance use, and physical health issues. And our partnership with Tides has helped hundreds of people who’s experienced long term homelessness on the streets of San Francisco, our fellow residents, move into permanent housing and rebuild their lives.”

Tides spoke with Doug along with DISH tenants to hear about the difference that supportive housing is making in people’s lives and in solving the city’s perhaps most intractable problem. See a slice of those stories in this video about DISH and Tides:

“I never thought I would be affected by homelessness. Not at all. Never,” says Patricia, a DISH resident for four years. “I was married, I had a husband, had a good job. He worked, he took care of me, and then he died. And that’s when I became homeless.” Patricia lived without a home for seven years, and her relief upon moving into a DISH residence was immediate. “The first day that I got a home, moved in here, it was like heaven. They treated me with tender loving care. I feel like I was comin’ out of the rain or somethin’…they helped me make my bed up and helped me put my stuff away, and I took a shower and went to bed. Slept for two or three days.” Moving into a DISH residence helped Patricia turn her life around, learning how to enjoy life on her own, and even recovering from decades-long addictions. She served as a member on the DISH Community Advisory board. Shortly after our interview, Patricia was successful in securing Section 8 housing where she has her own apartment, making room for others who need the services and supports offered in DISH housing.

This is just one story of many: DISH currently provides housing and dignity for 570 tenants who’ve experienced long-term homelessness. In 2018 alone, they expanded their housing portfolio to include an additional 120 homes in two buildings, welcoming an additional 165 people across their housing programs while also supporting tenants in taking the next steps to moving to their own apartments. Since initially partnering with Tides in 2006, they’ve grown to over 75 employees and 8 buildings in San Francisco. “The Tides team really makes it possible for DISH to increase the scale of our impact,” says Doug.

Solving homelessness requires solutions that are larger than any single organization, person, or sector alone. Tides and DISH are working with the San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, as well as a range of community and religious associations, and others. The result is a project that partners across boundaries, working towards solutions to truly end homelessness and create meaningful impact in people’s lives.

DISH is just one of 150 social ventures who work with Tides every day to accelerate the pace of social change. Donate to DISH this giving season.

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