Okta & Tides partner to strengthen the connections between people, technology, and community

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Okta, the technology company that enables people to access applications and other tools securely, joined Tides in August 2017 to live out their vision for community engagement and philanthropy. I work with them to refine their philanthropic and community engagement approach, connect Okta for Good to resources and a larger community of companies intent on social change, inspire and provide useful tools for Okta employees’ community involvement, and implement their philanthropic plans.

Okta is a Pledge 1% company, having pledged to give away 1% of its equity, employee time, and product. An initiative of Tides, Pledge 1% is building a movement of corporate philanthropy by inspiring early-stage companies to leverage their future success to support social change in their communities. Recently they shared with Pledge 1% how Okta for Good is integrating the pledge into their corporate strategies and practices.

“Pledge 1% has given shape and structure to our social impact efforts and was an important catalyst in taking the work to the next level. It has also been helpful in thinking about the ways in which we build a sustainable social impact practice and enable the work to scale with our company.”

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