Join Melissa Bradley at the 2011 Bioneers Conference—October 14-16, 2011— to explore the forefront of positive change in deeply inspiring keynote talks, panels, workshops and intensives.  Tides is pleased to host the following session, aimed at connecting our 2011 priority issue areas of Racial Justice and the Environment:

Recognizing and Honoring the Convergence of Race and the Environment

The Tides Foundation hosts a conversation examining the nexus between race and environment. What has worked and not worked in the environmental movement in engaging communities of color in a meaningful way? Can a racial/class/equity perspective help in bringing green spaces and increased access to healthy food and public transportation to disenfranchised communities? How can those most disproportionately affected by environmental harm be included in the conversation? The panel will conclude with the development of concrete recommendations for and from the audience. With: Melissa L. Bradley, CEO, Tides Foundation; Nikki Henderson, Executive Director, People’s grocery; Maya Wiley, founder and Director, Center for Social Inclusion.

Melissa will also be speaking at the following panel:

Shifting Values: Women, Money and Power

Women in North America control 85 percent of consumer spending and are increasingly transforming the face of philanthropy. How can women’s greater emergence into leadership change the economic landscape to be more socially just and life-sustaining?  Hosted by: Anneke Campbell, author, filmmaker, midwife and activist.  With: Barbara Sargent, Executive Director of Kalliopeia Foundation and co-founder of New Field Foundation; Melissa Bradley, CEO of Tides Foundation, Lynne Twist, author and founder of the Soul of Money Institute and co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance.

Bioneers 2011 Discount Code graphicThe 2011 Bioneers conference also continues to highlight the ascendancy of women’s leadership and feature extraordinary innovators with breakthrough solutions for our time. Gloria Steinem, the iconic leader who continues to inhabit the leading edges of progressive social change, will address the need and opportunity for diverse movements to converge.  Other plenary speakers include Rebecca Moore from Google Earth, Philippe Cousteau of EarthEcho International, Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, and many other luminaries.  And the documentary Miss Representation features interviews with teenage girls and the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Katie Couric, and Rachel Maddow, offering an inside look at the media and its message.

Bioneers is offering a 20% discount to the Tides community — click here to register and use the coupon code civics20.  Registration prices go up on August 15, so register early for the best rates.