Netroots Nation 2011

Keynote: Breaking Down Barriers on the Road to Prosperity
Friday, June 17th 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM
Keynote, General Session Hall A

The Declaration of Independence aims high: it declares every individual should be able to pursue his or her happiness. But we’ve gummed up our economy–which should propel us in this hot pursuit–with roadblocks, keeping many of us from moving ahead, particularly young people, women and communities of color. These barriers didn’t fall from the sky. Corporate interests forged them–with help from the policy makers they’ve purchased. When more of us are kept out and fenced in, these lucky few get free reign to hoard all the spoils. This panel discussion will feature some of the best progressive thinkers to explore these questions:

  • Why is inequality bad for our economy overall?
  • How does inequality affect people’s lives?
  • Why is there such extreme inequality in America?
  • Why isn’t tackling inequality a higher priority for progressives, and for the nation?

Introductory remarks from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Speakers: Barry Kendall, Progressive Ideas Network (moderator); Melissa Bradley, Tides; Rha Goddess, Opportunity Agenda; Liz Shuler, AFL/CIO secretary/treasurer; and researcher Anat Shenker-Osorio.

Lunch generously provided by CSEA.