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We help forward-thinking foundations expand their capacity, extend their reach, and increase their impact.

Innovative foundations look to Tides as a partner for grantmaking, collaboration, capacity building, and strategic thinking.

Tides has helped some of the world’s most prominent foundations achieve their goals. With Tides as a partner, your foundation can ease administrative burden, expand programmatic capacity, collaborate effectively, and increase the impact of your grantmaking programs.

  • Comprehensive Grant Application Management

    Our flexible grantmaking solutions give foundations powerful choices: you can opt for comprehensive services that strengthen every aspect of your philanthropic work, or choose from à la carte options like RFP support, global giving advisory services, or rapid-response grantmaking support to help you carry out a specific function with more efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Global Grantmaking

    Tides has worked as an international grantmaker in over 150 countries, giving us the experience to help assure that grants are appropriate and effective within the laws, cultures, and traditions of the desired country of impact. Our services for global grants include, but are not limited to: navigation of U.S.-based and international regulations, opportunities for both individual and collaborative giving, translation services, and rigorous attention to detail within all of our funding options.

  • Strategic Philanthropic Advising

    Tides' expertise across impact areas, alongside our decades of experience, make us the ideal partner for foundations who wish to refine their philanthropic strategy. We offer tailored advisory services that bring all of our knowledge and tools to bear in order to address your specific challenges and questions, helping you chart the right course forward.

  • Rapid Response Grantmaking

    In times of environmental or human rights crises, foundations that wish to respond to urgent needs domestically or internationally may not have the capacity to craft grants and deploy funding within the necessary response time. If your philanthropic mandate involves emergency assistance, Tides can help fulfill your goals with the support and know-how to ensure that charitable dollars make their intended impact in a timely manner.

  • Impact Investing & Philanthropic Strategy

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    Tides works with you to create solutions that are tailored to your capacity, interests, and desired impact. Our suite of impact investing options is designed to complement your foundation's philanthropic strategy, deepening and strengthening the power of charitable dollars. We offer options for investment in diversified funds that align with your values, alongside opportunities for mission-related investments in specific companies or initiatives.

  • Funder Collaboratives

    Expanding HIV treatment access in the developing world. Moving the needle on childhood obesity in the U.S. Catalyzing a global movement for disability rights. Some issues are daunting for any single funder to tackle effectively; they demand the coordinated human and financial resources of multiple institutions. Through a Tides-managed funding collaborative or collective action fund, funders gain operational efficiencies, leverage the knowledge and expertise of others, and ultimately amplify their impact.

    Tides' collaborative options for institutions include services like a neutral platform for grant acceptance, basic administrative services for domestic and global grants, consulting on governance and decision-making, facilitation of long-term multi-stakeholder initiatives, management of finances and contracts, funder reporting, and programmatic operations in support of grantmaking.

  • Program Incubation and Fiscal Sponsorship

    Tides is a proven leader in the field, having incubated over 1000 organizations. Creating a fiscally sponsored charitable venture with Tides can help your foundation catalyze impact through a new operating program or nonprofit organization, without the time and cost to set up an independent entity and the ongoing resource drain of managing it in-house. Tides takes care of administration and infrastructure; you, as a funder, can stay focused on your program's vision and outcomes without being weighed down by day-to-day operations.

  • Collaborative Workspaces

    Tides Converge

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    Through Tides Converge SF and NY, we offer social change leaders affordable, sustainable office and event spaces within a community of like-minded nonprofits and social ventures. Tides Converge San Francisco is an ideal space for leaders to connect, learn from one another, and innovate.

As the first and only youth-led fund supporting young women, girls, and trans*youth in the Global South, we rely on Tides' dedicated services in ensuring much needed funds are reaching small, emerging but creative and dynamic groups and initiatives that often go unrecognized and under-resourced. With Tides support, we've been able to mobilize and distribute over 700,000 USD over four years to over 90 grassroots activist groups in over 60 countries. This partnership ensures the global feminist movement is more sustainable with renewed energy and diverse leadership, helping to achieve a more just and peaceful world.

Devi Leiper O’Malley Co-Director, FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund

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