Tides’ Statement on SCOTUS Dismissal of Case to Protect Pregnant People’s Right to Emergency Medical Care

SAN FRANCISCO – The United States Supreme Court dismissal of Moyle v. United States, which would have given pregnant persons federal protection to receive lifesaving medical care, including emergency abortions, is a major setback to reproductive justice and health equity. 

As an organization committed to social justice, we are deeply concerned that the Court did not outright affirm pregnant persons’ right to emergency reproductive health care. This absence of federal protection puts birthing persons at greater risk for life-threatening pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia. 

The research is clear. All restrictions on abortion access, including emergency abortions, disproportionately impact Black and Brown communities and other communities historically denied power. Black women are already three times more likely to die from a pregnancy-related complications than white women. 

This indecision not only perpetuates harm to pregnant persons, but also discourages physicians from serving in states with strict abortion bans, often leaving vulnerable populations without access to essential reproductive health care.  

Tides remains committed to working with its donor and social change partners to ensure all people have equitable access to lifesaving reproductive health care.  




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