Tides Network Welcomes Five New Board Members


When I made the decision to join Tides as CEO, I did so knowing that I would be joining a team of talented people, who not only brought their unique areas of expertise, but also their hearts and souls to an organization that requires no less. This necessary combination of mind and spirit is our common denominator at Tides, one that is reflected throughout the organization —and our new Tides Network board members are a clear reflection of that. 

I am proud to announce the addition of Marc Diaz, Antoinette Klatzky, John Oxtoby, and Linda Verhulp to our board of directors, each of whom bring an impressive resume and an even more impressive commitment toward creating a better world—from environmental sustainability, to racial and gender equity, to impact investing.

Marc has a wealth of experience in sustainability. He serves as senior vice president at TerViva, a food and agriculture technology company, where he works with stakeholders to grow carbon-negative food that achieves environmental, social, and governance goals with strong financial performance. 

Antoinette’s career has been focused on women’s empowerment and leadership. She is executive director of the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute and host and co-producer of Women Together, a series of interactive, live-stream gatherings. She also led the development of Choose Handloom, a human rights initiative in the Eileen Fisher supply chain and supported the launch of a recycled clothing initiative, now known as Eileen Fisher Renew.  

John’s experience in the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and impact investing space will be an invaluable addition to our board. He is vice president and director of ESG Investing for Ariel Investments and is responsible for leading the company’s efforts to integrate ESG research into its investment process.

Of course, philanthropy is a driving engine of the work we do, and Linda brings to the board a deep knowledge of this space. She is the executive director of the Morgan Family Foundation, a private foundation that focuses its philanthropic goals on youth development, education, the environment, and stewardship of regions and organizations.

As the CEO of Tides, I have the great honor of joining our new Board members on the Tides Network Board of Directors. I look forward to advancing Tides’ work and mission with our entire board as we all work together—minds, bodies, and souls—toward a more just and equitable world.

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