Video: Tides, Twilio & Edovo, Investing for Impact

Twilio + Tides Comprehensive Giving Strategy: Grants, Investments, Time, Product

Corporate philanthropy is changing. Tides is working with innovative companies to lead the way, empowering them to leverage all of their assets for social good. We spoke to about how working with Tides allows them to not only make grants to nonprofits but equity investments in for-profit social enterprises like Edovo.

“We have seen how Edovo is changing the prison system in a really core, fundamental way and we wanted to provide investment in order for them to take that change and make it much more scalable to many other areas of the country,” says Twilio VP of Social Impact Erin Reilly. This support is fundamental to for Edovo’s impact. According to Edovo CEO Brian Hill, “the collaboration between Tides,, and Edovo is one of shared values for driving scalable impact…You take the talents of each of those organizations—communications, access to corrections, and understanding of impact and finance at scale—you put those together and we are unquestionably going to change the trajectory of criminal justice in America.”

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