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The Tides Approach

We accelerate the pace of social change with dynamic tools, deep expertise, novel collaborations, and innovative ideas.

Challenging the Status Quo

Our Vision
A world of shared prosperity and social justice, founded on:

/   Equity, human rights, and economic empowerment
/   A sustainable environment
/   Healthy individuals and communities
/   Quality education

Our Mission
Tides accelerates the pace of social change, working with innovative partners to solve society's toughest problems.

Our Approach
We believe that to achieve shared prosperity and social justice, we must take a collaborative, bold approach to the work.

We cross boundaries and link sectors, communities and cultures

We are silo-busters. Long-lasting social change requires systemic thinking, joint investment in outcomes, and cross-sector approaches.

We act with empathy and respect

We are realistic about what we don't know, and always open to new points of view. Respectful dialogue can lead to new innovations.

We engage with those whose lives are most affected

Community voices are at the core of our work. Marginalized communities and those closest to the problems we aim to fix are key partners in finding and implementing solutions.

We embrace risk

We're not afraid of the untested. We take smart risks as we adapt to a constantly changing world and rise to the increasingly complex challenges of today.

We prioritize ideas that scale

Tides has decades of insight, which we leverage in order to find, fund and support ideas with the most potential for substantial positive impact.

We bring unlikely partners together, leveraging our unparalleled community of global and community leaders to identify new solutions.
Explore Our Partners and Impact
We take a comprehensive approach toward investing for impact.

Today’s challenges require diverse models and tools to drive change.

Philanthropy, entrepreneurship, impact investing, and advocacy cannot be siloed if we are to actually solve today’s challenges. We push the boundaries with every dollar and idea, looking for ways to compound impact using every tool at our disposal. For decades, we’ve been innovating in how we invest for impact, looking across sectors, asset classes, and investment types for social and environmental impact.

Scale of our Impact

Tides works across borders and issues. We leverage the scale of our work to amplify the power of every one of our partners.

Tides made 3600 grants in the US and globally in 2017, representing

$235.5M for social change

Grant totals in 2017 by issue area:

  • $51M Equality and Human Rights
  • $50.5M Quality Education
  • $19M Economic Development
  • $97M Healthy Individuals and Communities
  • $18M Sustainable Environment
In 2017, Tides received and managed

$150M+ for support of 150+ social ventures

Tides maintains a 100% impact portfolio, with

$300M+ in impact investments and socially responsible portfolios

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Working with Tides allows us to keep our attention where it should be — on the long-term moving of hearts, minds, and policy for lasting change and greater opportunity — and gives us the support to take bold steps forward, whether into a new and larger office or through an ambitious new strategy we want to explore. Their support and advice is crucial to our efficiency and effectiveness.

Jessica Wells-Hasan Director of Development, The Opportunity Agenda
Our solutions are as diverse as the communities we serve.