San Francisco, California, United States

Our mission is making emergency help accessible.
There are 28 million people in the United States that self-identify as limited English proficiency LEP (DHS), and there are 37.5 million people in the US that report trouble hearing (NIH). This means 65.5 million people not able to quickly contact 911. When talking out loud is not safe, accents, or those with speech disabilities, speaking to 911 dispatchers may not be possible.

Current text to 911 technology stack does not receive an accurate location when people text 911. No technology solutions are currently in place that allow limited English proficiency users to quickly communicate with English speaking 911 dispatchers. Information about their location and type of emergency can be lost in translation.

AccesSOS provides a progressive web app solution (any phone that has a web browser can text to 911 using our link, with no need to download an app), available in multiple languages and English, allowing people to quickly send the dispatcher their emergency location, and the type of help they need.