Alliance For CA Traditional Arts


Amy Kitchener


San Francisco, CA

The Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA) promotes and supports ways for cultural traditions to continue now and into the future by providing advocacy, resources and connections for folk and traditional artists and their communities. Folk and traditional artists are defined as tradition-bearers and cultural practitioners: people who transmit what they believe, know, do, and create with others who share a common heritage.

Rooted in California’s cultural communities, from Siskiyou to San Diego, ACTA is in direct communication with tradition-bearers who foster the state’s rich and diverse cultural roots. ACTA’s programs and services are created, evaluated and evolved as a response to the specific needs of these cultural practitioners and their communities. ACTA works on behalf of artists, communities, and funders to connect them to each other, information, and resources.

Beyond connection to funding, ACTA provides programs and services to the field such as: convenings, local and national field-building, research and technical assistance.

Recognized for its culturally competent leadership, intellectual capital and excellence in program administration, ACTA is the official go-to entity for information about folk and traditional arts in California. Dedicated to sustaining and fostering the growth of cultural traditions found within the state’s diverse communities, ACTA ensures that its core values of respect, cultural pluralism, and cultural democracy permeate every aspect of its activity and programming.

ACTA helps people connect to their past and keep traditions a central part of life today and tomorrow. By supporting folk and traditional artists, ACTA supports the health, cultural continuity and diversity of California.