Josefa Vaughan


San Francisco, CA

ArtSeed is a unique and innovative arts education program. Our inter-generational and multi-disciplinary projects put students from diverse backgrounds in touch with artists and other professionals in a variety of fields. Working side-by-side in experimental and classical apprenticeships that include non-western styles of art, participants share hands-on artmaking, exhibition and field trip adventures.

Youngsters with learning differences, financial obstacles, and/or discipline problems learn practical skills and professional habits that give form to their own unique, creative gifts. We hope in the process to encourage new inter-cultural friendships between people of all ages and from all walks of life. We do this by producing tangible and meaningful arts experiences that have a sustained impact on lives. Young people are tightly integrated into the day-to-day life of the organization, doing everything from curating shows to acting as docents, securing equipment, and meeting on boards of trustees. Students prepare their own designs, distribute publicity for, and document culminating exhibitions of their individual portfolios or larger collaborative pieces. Festive receptions give pen-pals from various classes, workshops, and private mentorships new opportunities to interact. Young artists and interns get to teach, often for the first time. Students take supplies home to continue artmaking. ArtSeed supports on-going mutual learning relationships between artists, students, and mentors from various fields.