Grantmaking Partner

Independent Journalism Fund


Sacramento, CA

Our mission is to investigate and report on important issues impacting California and Nevada, increase public awareness and engagement around these issues, and give voice to the under-represented.

We are currently raising funds to support new reporting in the areas of social justice, criminal justice, immigration, poverty, health and mental health. Our team of writers and designers will bring the stories that result from this reporting to life for thousands and sometimes millions of readers. We publish the stories in our three weekly newspapers and their affiliated websites serving Northern California and Nevada: the Sacramento News & Review (published since 1989), the Reno News & Review (1995) and the Chico News and Review (1977) reach more than 500,000 engaged readers (audited monthly cume).

For more than a decade, we have also partnered with newspapers throughout California and the region to distribute select stories to a larger audience when appropriate. We have a long track record of independent, impactful, award-winning journalism that reaches thousands and sometimes millions of readers.

We believe that now more than ever there is a desperate need for these stories be told.

Traditional models of support for journalism are in decline. As a result, voices are going unheard and issues going under-reported as media outlets struggle to survive. Your support for community-based journalism helps bring important issues to light in a way that creates powerful community dialogue and a deeper understanding of the challenges our region faces. With your help, we can produce independent, investigative journalism that will help create real, long-lasting change.