Fiscally Sponsored Project



Oakland, CA, United States

For over twenty-five years, LeaderSpring has invested in the extraordinary talent, dedication, and vision of progressive leaders. The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy has recognized LeaderSpring as one of four pioneering leadership development programs in the United States.

LeaderSpring undertakes its work by delving deeply into what impacts and undermines leadership among people of color in the social sector and other marginalized groups, honing-in on systems of oppression. These systems not only assail low-income and historically marginalized populations, but they also impact the leadership of those committed to transforming communities.

LeaderSpring resolves to be a catalyst for societal good by facilitating:
-Transformative processes that elevates people’s agency, collectively and individually to optimize leadership for change; and
-Changes in organizational culture and structure in efforts to oppose and dismantle systems of oppression.