Partnerships for Change


Jacqueline Miller


San Francisco, California, United States

Partnerships For Change?(PFC) is a team of social impact strategists and practitioners. PFC disrupts the status quo and implements lasting change. Since 1990, we have harnessed the power of stories and partnerships to accelerate change through direct action projects with all forms of media. We continue to perfect the craft of transformation. We strategically engage local partners around the globe and mobilize filmmakers, authors, artists, political advocates, broadcast and print journalists, social media, web and mobile platform architects to bring change.

Our sustainable forays are to advance compassion and abolish cruelty to people, animals and the environment by accelerating economic, social and health empowerment projects, awaken the conscience from compelling stories, and build advocacy with awareness and policy change.

Advance compassion and Abolish cruelty, Awaken conscience, and Advocate change.