Power For All


Kristina Skierka




San Francisco, CA

Power for All is committed to delivering access to energy for the 85 percent of the 1.1 billion people without reliable power that live in rural areas within 10 years. Power for All’s mission is to accelerate this market transformation by working with public and private sectors to:

Include Decentralized Renewables in Energy Policy:
Governments can facilitate the market with policies such as reducing tariff barriers on renewables (duties and value-added taxes) and including distributed renewables in national energy policies.

Mobilize Capital for the Entire Value Chain:
Investors, multi-lateral agencies, banks and global finance initiatives can accelerate the market by earmarking funds specifically for decentralized renewables, including financing for pay-as-you-go and distribution.

Focus on Market-Building and Policy Grantmaking:
Development agencies and foundations can accelerate universal energy access by directing funds toward sustainable market-building that directly engages the energy impoverished in creating their own energy.

Drive Higher Quality and Efficiency:
The broader decentralized renewable sector can accelerate access by ensuring high-quality, affordable, clean, safe products and services, expanding the range of efficient devices and making energy access more affordable.

Choose Renewable, Distributed, Democratized Power:
Energy consumers who choose renewable and decentralized power—ranging from zero-net energy buildings to solar home systems—grow legitimacy for the sector and the solutions needed to deliver universal energy access.