Ayesha Barenblat


San Francisco, CA

From extreme waste and environmental destruction to illegal wages and unsafe working conditions, the fashion industry’s focus on trendy, disposable clothing has staggering impacts on people and our planet. Remake is a community of millennial and Gen Z women who pledge to wear our values and put an end to fast fashion.

How We Make a Difference
Build local leaders: We train women leaders around the globe by hosting workshops, panels, and webinars to educate, inspire, engage, and uplift the voices of our community. In turn, our community hosts film screenings, clothing swap parties, and educational panels to mobilize others in our fight against fast fashion.

Stay in the know: We create documentary films, fact-filled stories, campaign assets, and workshop materials to empower our community and recruit more women to our movement.

Drive transparency and accountability: Remake’s Seal of Approval process – built by experts – makes it easy for our community to call out greenwashing and support better brands. Our Seal of Approval process pushes brands to disclose better information publicly.
Our mission is to make fashion a force for good.