Fiscally Sponsored Project

Women and Justice Project


New York, NY, United States

The Women & Justice Project (WJP) advances the leadership and builds the power of women directly impacted by incarceration to transform the criminal legal system.

WJP’s guiding principle is that girls and women most directly impacted by the criminal legal system have the right to be and should be leaders in efforts to transform that system and the conditions that drive that system.

WJP believes we must shift from a society that uses incarceration as a response to social and economic issues, criminalizes and dehumanizes people of color and people from low-income communities, and prioritizes punishment, to one that addresses root causes of incarceration, values each person’s inherent dignity and right to reach her full potential, and addresses harm through a transformative approach that promotes healing, accountability and repair. Through advocacy, organizing, culture change work and facilitating the leadership of women directly impacted by incarceration, WJP aims to catalyze our collective ability to transform the criminal legal system and create a just and loving world for women and all people.