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Our Solutions

Tides offers a suite of expertise, tools and services for our partners, so they can hit the ground running and drive change.

Tides' comprehensive and scalable solutions adapt with each impact goal.

We take an integrated approach that can expand and adapt as your impact goals evolve.

Management services are our bedrock. We take care of complex infrastructure needs, so you don’t have to. From there, we build consulting and collaborative solutions tailored to individual impact goals.

Management Services

Tides’ first tier of engagement includes core operational, management, and advisory services. This could entail a combination of grantmaking support, legal compliance work, and human resource functions, among many others. In each case, we tailor our offerings to your unique needs and challenges.

Consultative Expertise

Our consulting services go beyond management, engaging Tides’ experts for an enhanced level of strategic advising and support. This could include issue research, landscape assessment, strategic guidance, grant selection, and more. Here, you’ll experience an even higher level of customization.

Collaborative Partnerships

In our most integrated client relationships, Tides takes on a co-development role, consulting on high-level issues like program design and management, and multi-stakeholder agreements. Often, we’ll hire staff funded through the partnership to take on a dedicated role to support the work. Always, we’ll be a deeply committed partner, sharing our knowledge and extensive toolkit to ensure your success.

Our Integrated Services

We’ve managed more than $3 billion in grantmaking and charitable activity around the world on behalf of our partners, building our expertise with each one.

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Domestic & International Grantmaking

We've made more than $3 billion in grants around the world on behalf of our partners, building our expertise with each one.

Nonprofit Management & Fiscal Sponsorship

Tides sets the national benchmark for fiscal sponsorship, as well as comprehensive services for every aspect of nonprofit management.

Learn more about fiscal sponsorship

Impact Investing

We're experts in a variety of strategies for growing charitable capital and deepening impact through mission-aligned investments.

Learn about our approach to impact investing

Collaborative Workspaces

Tides Converge provides affordable offices and like-minded community for nonprofits and social ventures on both coasts.

Learn more about Tides Converge

Strategic Consulting

Tides can help design philanthropic programs, manage grantmaking programs, structure charitable investments, and more.

Collaborative Initiatives

From donor circles to coalitions, we provide the home for a variety of collaborative initiatives, lessening administrative burden and facilitating decision-making.

If you have ever had an idea or a vision that you have tried make real, you will know what it takes to get it off the ground, and maintain it at the back end. The systems, the people, the policies and the statutory compliance. For more than 15 years now, Tides has provided that for our work with efficiency, grace and skill. The staff are amazing; competent, responsive, helpful, friendly…downright ‘super heroes’. This support has freed our energies for strategic thinking and focusing our energies for work that really matters to us. Tides is a truly inspired idea for helping activists make ideas real.

Dipak Naker Co-Director, Raising Voices