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The Women's Environmental Leadership Fund

Lifting the vision of Black women, women of color, and Indigenous women taking on big polluters with local, community-based action and sustainable solutions

Climate justice demands democratic, community-based solutions, and equitable spaces where impacted communities are at the center of decision-making. By elevating BIWOC leaders, and redistributing resources and power, we can address the root causes of climate change while supporting solutions with the greatest chance of seeing us through to a new era of social justice and climate security.

In April 2020, Tides launched a bold initiative and new strategic investment—the Women’s Environmental Leadership Fund / WE LEAD—which was established to elevate, center, and resource women’s grassroots leadership on the frontlines of climate disruption in the United States.

WE LEAD promotes a shift in power and resources to those making a tangible impact on the ground, namely Black women, women of color, and Indigenous women taking on big polluters with local, community-based action.

Funding Priorities

Leadership. Elevating the leadership of Black women, women of color, and Indigenous women and directing funding to organizations that intentionally sustain, grow, and/or heal women’s leadership.

Environmental justice. Emphasizing work that contributes to building a broader and more inclusive movement, prioritizing organizations leading work at the intersection of racial, gender, and environmental justice movements.

Community. Lifting up organizations that center the voices of community members historically and systematically overburdened by climate change, where the organization is building community power and advancing advocacy efforts for long-term impact.

WE LEAD is Growing Shared Prosperity and Social Justice

For Organizations Seeking Funding | Letters of Inquiry

WE LEAD seeks to invest in women’s leadership across climate, gender and racial justice movements and welcomes inquiries from organizations and leaders about the needs of impacted communities across the U.S.

Our window for accepting 2021 Spring LOIs has closed. Please check back in Spring/Summer 2022 for updates.

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To learn more about the Fund and the different ways you can support this work, please email us at [email protected]

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