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The Women's Environmental Leadership Fund

Climate justice demands democratic, community-based solutions, and equitable spaces where impacted communities are at the center of decision-making. By elevating BIWOC leaders, and redistributing resources and power, we can address the root causes of climate change while supporting solutions with the greatest chance of seeing us through to a new era of social justice and climate security.

In April 2020, Tides launched a bold initiative and new strategic investment—the Women’s Environmental Leadership Fund / WE LEAD—which was established to elevate, center, and resource women’s grassroots leadership on the frontlines of climate disruption in the United States.

WE LEAD promotes a  shift in power and resources to those making a tangible impact on the ground, namely Black women, women of color, and indigenous women taking on big polluters with local, community-based action.

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Leading the Way

Bridgette Murray, ACTS Founder and WE LEAD Grantee, Confronts Environmental Racism in Texas Communities

The Pleasantville neighborhood on Houston’s east side provided Black servicemen an opportunity to own their own homes—something that was hard for them to come by in 1948 due to pervasive housing discrimination. What was designated as a residential area attracted numerous Black families—but it wasn’t long before the neighborhood of opportunity became home to several chemical and manufacturing plants, metal recyclers, and salvage yards, with freight trains and a steady stream of trucks trekking in and out of the residential area, polluting the air and compromising the health of its residents. Yes, things were bad—but just how bad remained a mystery. Read more »


  • Shifting power and representation
  • Recalibrating our relationship with one another and the planet
  • Creating transformational change

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