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Our Partners and Impact

At the Nexus of Changemakers, Funders, and Policy

We work at the center of a rich ecosystem of social change leaders, accelerating their work for shared prosperity and social justice.

Our Global Reach

Tides is a leader in global grantmaking and social change work, having made $158.4M in domestic grants and over $65.2M in international grants in 2016. Tides also provides comprehensive fiscal sponsorship solutions to over 150 social ventures based in the United States. Use this map to explore a selection of our grantees from 2014-2016, and learn about our current social ventures.

Note: a full list of our grantees is downloadable on our About page.

Search for specific Tides partners by issue area or location, and learn about their work.

Explore Our Social Ventures and Partners

Tides Converge

Tides Converge offers affordable, catalytic shared workspaces for mission-aligned nonprofits.

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San Francisco

Tides Converge San Francisco is an energy-efficient workspace that houses over 75 diverse nonprofits and social ventures in 150,000 square feet in the Presidio, a historic national park.

New York

Tides Converge New York is one of the first shared nonprofit community spaces in Lower Manhattan, accessible to all NYC boroughs.

We solve the world's toughest problems together, working across issue areas to create interconnected, adaptive solutions

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Detention Watch Network march in Baltimore, photo by Steve Pavey

Equality & Human rights

We are committed to freedom and justice for all people.

Quality Education

We believe in the power of education, strengthening efforts.

Healthy individuals & communities

We work with organizations that advocate for environmental justice and access to health.

Sustainable Environment

We join and support strategic efforts for a more sustainable world.

Economic Development

We engage with grassroots movements and advocates for economic opportunity.

Our partners advance innovative solutions, improve lives, and drive lasting social impact.

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