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We craft philanthropic strategies for visionary companies who seek to inspire and serve.

Businesses come to Tides for guidance and support as they pursue values-aligned impact.

Tides is a leader in corporate philanthropic strategy and management. From Pledge 1% – the movement in corporate philanthropy that encourages companies to contribute 1% of their product, employee time and equity to charitable causes – to our work with groundbreaking companies like Patagonia, Google and Twilio, we partner with a range of companies to codify, strengthen, and fulfill their commitment to positive social change.

  • Strategic Philanthropic Advising

    Effective, authentic corporate philanthropy requires a thoughtful strategy that aligns with your company's values. Tides is the perfect partner for companies that need to define their philanthropic strategy or corporate social impact approach from scratch; we'll work hand-in-hand with you to make sure that your employees, customers, and stakeholders are engaged and inspired by the path forward. Our expertise across issue areas also allows us to help you identify the best recipients for charitable resources. If you simply need a refresh or realignment, we can help you make those adjustments as well.

  • Global Grantmaking

    As the world becomes more connected, corporate giving programs often turn their focus to supporting mission-aligned organizations globally. Tides has worked as an international grantmaker to over 150 countries, giving us the experience to help assure that grants are appropriate and effective within the laws, cultures, and traditions of your desired country of impact. Our services for global grants include, but are not limited to: navigation of U.S.-based and international regulations, opportunities for both individual and collaborative giving, translation services, and rigorous attention to detail within all of our funding options.

  • Impact Investing

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    Tides works with each partner to create solutions that are tailored to your capacity, interests, and desired impact. Our suite of impact investing options is designed to complement your company's philanthropic strategy, leveraging and strengthening the power of charitable dollars. We offer options for investment in diversified funds that align with your values, alongside opportunities for mission-related investments in specific companies or initiatives.

  • Collaborative Partnerships

    Tides specializes in creating bridges between unlikely partners, finding solutions in unexpected places. We bring this unique capability to bear in the collaborative partnerships we create with corporations. Depending on your impact goals, we can leverage our unparalleled network to help identify government agencies, nonprofit organizations, foundations and other corporate partners that can work with you to deepen the collective impact you seek. We offer strategic advice, program development, expert facilitation and innovative vehicles to help inspire your customers, engage your employees, and connect you to your community.

  • Employee Giving & Matching Programs

    As a business leader, you seek out ways to inspire and engage your employees. Tides can help craft giving and matching programs that help your team members connect their work with the greater good, aligning them more deeply with your mission and values.

With over 40 years of experience, Tides has the ability to take on unexpected challenges; they can quickly adapt to meet our needs and support our expansive vision. They provide valuable tools for managing our grants and work closely with our grants management team to provide our grantees with the best service. Tides has the knowledge and experience to navigate the complexities of international giving. We’re very proud of our 10 year partnership with Tides and look forward to continuing to work with them.

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