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For Social Change Leaders

Our comprehensive infrastructure and organizational management services allow social change leaders and new nonprofits to focus on their mission.

We help scale effective and efficient organizations, supporting the visionaries that are taking bold action for social impact.

As a champion for progress and innovation, Tides places immense value on the creativity and innovation of up-and-coming social change leaders. We know that the success of your vision depends on effective systems and support and access to a mission aligned community of changemakers; we’re here to provide the organizational and operational support and the network to help you grow your impact.

  • Nonprofit Management and Fiscal Sponsorship

    The process of creating and managing an independent nonprofit is expensive, time-consuming and complex. Tides offers comprehensive fiscal sponsorship and nonprofit management services that allow new ideas to get off the ground quickly and efficiently, and with less risk. We provide back-office infrastructure, financial management systems, and nonprofit management expertise, backed by experienced team members who share your values.

    Tides supports over 140 projects with fiscal sponsorship, providing them with 501(c)(3) charitable status (and, thus, the ability to accept tax-deductible donations) as well as financial administration, human resource and benefits management, governance, compliance, and risk management. This allows social change leaders to leave the administration to us, focusing their time and energy on bringing their visions to life.

  • Collaborative Initiatives

    When individual or organizational leaders seek to create new partnerships, particularly those that bridge the private and public sectors, fiscal sponsorship from Tides can help these collaboratives achieve economies of scale and magnify the impact of donors by sharing a single infrastructure and benefiting from expert facilitation.

    Tides can also leverage its internal and global network of experts and knowledge to identify new potential collaborators, as well as merger opportunities. Working together, we ensure that your ideas have the best possible change of impacting communities - as well as the national agenda.

  • Expert Governance & Capacity Building Consulting

    Effective nonprofit work requires an effective governance structure: a board of directors, an advisory board, and/or advisors that support the organization's leaders and helping to advance the mission. Tides offers customized consulting and resources to help you build the right governance structure for your organization; these can include new project assessments, written educational materials, training, annual review, conflict of interest management, and year-round consulting to address specific challenges.

  • Policy and Advocacy Campaign Support

    Often, creating large-scale systems change involves effecting change on the policy level. Tides' expertise in advocacy can help you understand and navigate the complexities of lobbying, political processes, and funding rules in order to influence policymakers and systems. 501(c)(4) incubation, acceleration and strategic advisory services are also available to groups so they can increase their advocacy efforts.

  • Risk and Liability Management

    Social change work can involve complex regulations and liabilities. Our expertise in nonprofit management can help you anticipate, identify, and guard against legal and regulatory risks and other potential hazards, ensuring that you can stay focused on your mission.

  • International Operations and Impact

    When your desired impact goes beyond your local community and into the wider world, you need the assurance that your grants and activities are appropriate and effective within a complex system of laws, cultures, and traditions. Tides' experience as an international grantmaker in over 150 countries gives us the wisdom and perspective to help guide you through the sometimes daunting challenges that come with global work.

  • Collaborative Workspaces

    Tides Converge

    Learn More

    Through Tides Converge SF and NY, we offer social change leaders affordable, sustainable office and event spaces within a community of like-minded nonprofits and social ventures. Tides Converge San Francisco is an ideal space for leaders to connect, learn from one another, and innovate.

  • Network Access and Knowledge Sharing

    Partnering with Tides in any capacity gives you the benefit of our knowledge and perspective, gained from our unique vantage point at the nexus of a powerful network of global funders and changemakers. You'll also leverage that network itself: we offer connections within the Tides project community, trainings and webinars on relevant nonprofit topics, and access to knowledge sharing via major online databases. Becoming a part of our community enhances all of our solutions, bringing you to the forefront of social innovation.

As a project of Tides, WAKE thrives with the help of the Tides team's talents in finances, legal issues, and human resources. We're free to focus our time and energy on advancing women's rights through technology and communications tools, training, and support. We're also a tenant of Tides' collaborative workspace; participating in this vibrant, inspiring community generates new ideas, connects us with resources and partnerships that advance our mission, and personally sustains us with its camaraderie.

Trish Tierney , Visit WAKE's Website Co-founder, WAKE

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